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The SPCA Monteregie doesn't turn down any dog or cat because of their age or their past history. Their goal is to help any animal in need. That is why, they actively promote their sponsorship program. Through the sponsorship program, you can arrange for your contribution to ensure the care and well-being of an animal that may never be adopted into a new home. Its not very expensive to sponsor an animal 10.00$ monthly. Also, with many senior animals, they promote their "senior to senior program" What also helps them, when people become a member of the SPCA Monteregie, which is 25$ annually. The shelter is in a country setting, the dogs have large enclosures where they can go out, run and play. The cats are in a very large room, with big cozey blankets to lie on. Also, many of their cats like to sit on the window sills and look outside. Heres an example of the country this cutie is up for adoption!
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