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What a day we had yesterday!

We drove out to the Monteregie SPCA, I must say, that was an adventure, there were dogs everywhere. We saw the above mentioned Bouvier mix, he was gorgeous, he looked like a cut down version of an Irish Wolfhound, though still, rather large. The down side was his aggressive nature, he growled and barked and was quite snappy at my 14 year old, not a good omen. They had dogs that were seized from drug houses, mainly a Shepherd and a Neo Mastiff, it would appear that their age may have sealed their fate, I'm not sure that these dogs could be safely placed in any home. *smiles* There was this one dog, a Neo female, unfortunately, they had no clue as to whether or not she was good with cats, and she appeared not to like other dogs, anyone looking for a Neo girl, get down there quickly.

While I highly commend what the Monteregie is doing, I can see no hope for some of these unfortunate creatures, their inner beauty masked and marred by human cruelty. We left under the suspicion that many of their rescues and seizures involved dogs who were grossly neglected and sadly mistreated by the likes of nefarious drug pushers who'd abandon their protectors at the first site of a sinking ship.

I'd like to thank everyone here for their assistance, I've tried several of the Ontario rescues, sans espoir, and Michigan is just too far. Toronto would be realistic for me, as I have a brother who resides in Mississauga(sp?). DRU et al, e-mailed me back with the same calamitous results, no out of, province/cross border adoptions.

We have narrowed our search down to a Doberman, we just can't get over their cuteness, young or old. Goofy must have been a dobe or at least in part. ' The search goes on'

Thank you all,
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