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Keesha is gone now. - yesterday @ 4pm

Thank you for everyone and their kind words. I will never be the same.
It's truly a dark day when you lay your best friend to rest.
The worlds hardest choice made easy when the pet you know and have
known for 16 yrs isn't the same as she was a month ago. Her quality of
life shot straight down and I chose. Me, her mom, best friend and caretaker
... I chose to let her go of her earthly body.
I cannot stop whimpering and she barely ever made a sound.
Never once letting on the amount of pain she was actually bearing.
How resilient and stubborn, just like me. No wonder we got
along for such a long time. Now, I no longer have to feed her, walk her or
worry. I feel empty. I am so afraid of ever loving another pet yet I want to
be surrounded in fur. So for now... I cry. I let out what she would never show.
My pain. My unbearable pain.
I just know that no one or thing could ever replace such a special girl.
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