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Hi yes, sorry- that was a dreadful day. :<

I am coping a bit better and it has only been 3 days.

The vet first off, is Fantastic! Best I have ever had. She actually apologized to me for other vets steering me in the wrong direction all this time. Apparently diet effects chronic ear infection, an allergy in food. I had no clue and this is the first time hearing this. I have been battling a yeast infection in my poor pups ears for years, literally. Countless cleanings and yuk!

So with her new exclusion diet of Pork and green beans, twice a day. Served warmed like a fresh kill (vets words) ha. Hopefully her ears will not be a problem anymore and she can get relief. Onto the other issues...

She is only using 30% lung capacity. So in turn, her heart is pumping 4X the normal rate. She is dehydrated from constantly cooking and as of this moment, we don't know why exactly. A big expensive test will show that, but I dunno if it is worth it. She is 16 after all and perfectly happy besides old lady breath from worn teeth, arthritis and cataracts...ahem... and the whole not being able to breath thing. booooo
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