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I lost my best friend, Terry ,last Tuesday Dec 23rd. This has been the worst experience ever, he was 13 and a half y/o and had been with me since he was a puppy. He got sick on the last week end and was taking to the hospital on Monday night. He couldn't breath well and could not stay up..... very sad. On Tuesday the vets told me he had a type of cancer with a bad prognosis, I went to see him that night and he couldn't breath well, he had been on oxygen and liquids.... one of the highly recommended options was euthanasia, which ended up happening that same night. Now I feel very guilty besides being very sad, I can't stop crying and can't stop thinking about, "what if ??? " I know it will take time, but I wish I was at the end of the bridge playing with him........
I just wish I could know that I made the right decision, this is killing me I feel so guilty that I think I killed my own dog, my best friend. Anyways, thanks for reading.....

Very Sad Vicky:sad:
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