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rest in peace Spooky

last night I dreamed I called the county shelter to find you and yet I know you died two years ago, you started as a feral cat who decided to be my friend, at first you ran from my approaches later you laid there and lazily let me pick yu up and when the other feral cats attacked you you took shelter in my old dog pen sleeping in a rabbit hutch where they could not pester you then I took you to the vet and altered you and ytou lived safely in my bathroom for a long time until you decided to try the bedroom out and when we weren't there you slept on our bed we knew we saw the evidence, your black fur and eventually you slept at the foot of the bed when we were there in it, yuo wanted to be loved, then one day i went on a trip and when I returned you were thin and jaundiced and I took you to the vet and a week later I got your ashes which when my husband dies he wants them mingled with his own so you will be with us forever, now we have other cats for some reason feral cats still come to us and we have their kittens, I recall that kitten we once gave you your nose was bent out of joint but later you accepted him and bathed him and let him sleep in your bahroom sink
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