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3 in one year.

Last August, I noticed 2 of my dogs having the same symptoms of vomiting, urinating everywhere, not eating. One, was constantly eating grass, the other sounded as if he was losing his breath. My vet was useless, so a friend recommended another--but all he did was pump them with antibiotics-every 8 hrs for one, and 12 for the other. It was like having twins. My male finally took his last breath on Aug. 30. 6 days later, I heard his sister coughing real bad. When I went to her, she had thrown up bile, and wasn't moving. I tried to get her to walk. Idiot me--she had a stroke, and the poor thing kept obeying me, and tried to walk. We went to the 1st vet--who gave her bp pills. geez. But, 2 days later, she could hardly move, and we euthanized her. Two dogs?? We were at an outdoor concert that following saturday-I knew the time my new vet was cremating them---this was so weird, the whole sky got black, it got windy, and we had a violent storm..all I could think about, was them going to that bridge. Because I killed them. The day I picked their ashes up, it was very cloudy..when the girl handed me the heart shaped box, with their ashes, a cloud moved away, and the sun shone in the room....I lost it. They were cremated together. That part is comforting, but I always wondered what happened. On Dec 26, my third died on my couch, in her urine. For a week, she wouldn't move, so we put heavy grade plastic on the couch. Good thing. She's in my yard, buried---cremating 3 dogs--I just didn't have the $150.... then--this recall comes out...I am beside myself, and will fight it forever. In their memory. It gets easier? NO, it doesn't---u forget what they sounded like, how they acted. I'm trying to paint their portrait---all 5 of my dogs, but it's hard to see thru the tears--it will take me forever.
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