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Ivory and Popi

Hello everyone, I am new hear.

I am posting here, because 2 and a half years ago I lost my male poodle, whose name is Popi and he was 18 when he passed away. I was just finally getting to the point where I was knowing he is in a better place. Then my little girl, whose name is Ivory, passed away at only 9 and I am heart broken. I miss both of them so much and just wish I could hold them.

Its hard for me, because I went back to college to make their lives better and I can't do that now. I do have a new puppy and he is really loving and I love him. I just don't know how to handle not having Ivory and Popi anymore. Its almost liek why go on and then I think and say Ivory and Popi would want me to be happy.

That being said, is hard to do. Can anyone give me any tips in how to handle this.

I feel as though my mom was trying to replace Ivory and Popi with my new puppy. She got the puppy for me for Christmas. I love him like I said above.

Anything you can tell me?


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