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I Lost My Cat Tonight

My beautiful cat friend T.C. that has been with me for almost 23 years died tonight. He stopped eating but he would still drink water. He kept losing his balance when he walked. He would no longer drink from his water dish so I would give him water with a medicine dropper throughout the night.Yesterday when I came home at lunchtime he wouldn't drink from the dropper at all. When I came home from work at lunchtime today his breathing had brcome really shallow. I asked him to please wait for me til I got home-I couldn't bear the thought of him dying alone. I was laying on the couch with him when he died. I held him and told him I loved him then he was gone. I wrapped him in a blanket but I just can't cover up his head yet-I guess I just can't let him go yet. I will bury him tomorrow-it will be so hard knowing I'll never see him again. I can't stop crying-I feel so lost.Thank you for listening.
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