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Meagan was born October 24, 1992 and she passed on August 21, 2005. We had contacted Pet Friends earlier in July and when the time came a vet from there came to my mother's house in the Laurentians. I chose to bury Meagan there because she always loved going to her nana's and her first friend Lady (my mom's dog) was buried there. They are buried beside each other. I read the rainbow bridge story and I cried, still I sit here with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I believe that that is where my little girl and her friends are running and playing. I sometimes wish I could be there with her too but I still have my other kids here that need me too.

I believe when Meagan finally passed to the other side that I heard Lady barking. Almost like she was waiting there for Meagan and also letting me know that she (Meagan) wasn't alone.

I miss her soooooooo much and my heart aches for her. Mommy loves you Meagan!
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