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I am wondering about the weighing method too. Is it supposed to be the food that meets the specified weight? Or the food and the can and the label all together? You need to know this but assuming it's the weight of only the food, exclusive of can, label and the glue to hold the label on......

To weigh the food alone I'd weigh the unopened can. Then empty the can, wash it thoroughly as best you can without removing the label, dry completely, weigh again. Remember the lid. Now subtract the lower weight from the first weight, what you get should be very close to the weight of the food.

A few grams difference is probably due to many explainable things. But 20 grams is a fair bit. When I was weighing cooked food for recipes for my sick dog I could eyeball what I needed to add or remove to make up 20 grams on my scale.

Oh, that's another thing, your scale has to be accurate, and I know my own is not scientifically calibrated. I just checked it with a pound of butter and three different butters gave me three different weights, but they were close, not nearly 20 grams different. When I worked in a Lab scales were calibrated by a person whose job that was. It's like tuning a piano.
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