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Hi TheHans !

Originally Posted by TheHans View Post
...when I weighed the first can, I discovered that the first can was NOT 354g, but 334g, 20 grams short....I got out *every last bit* of contents, even using my finger to make sure I didn't leave a drop behind.

I continued to weigh the cans and now at 13 cans, I can say that most are underweight. In fact, only ONE is the correct weight, two are overweight by a bit. But all the others (10 out of 13) are under 354g. Most by at least five grams. And we're talking different flavours from different lots. Although many are turkey.
I use these exact products almost exclusively - I go through about 60 cans monthly and have used them regularly since 2007.

Now, these Wellness pate type products have been notorious for inconsistencies in the food since at least 2007....there is a thread devoted exclusively to Wellness canned, running since the massive food recall of 2007 - you can read all of the comments about many peoples' experiences for yourself. It hasn't had any new posts for about 2 years, but, I expect that were there anything noteworthy it would have been reported. If you go through there, you'll see that Wellness doesn't manufacture themselves...that's farmed out to several manufacturers and made in a number of facilities. The manufacturer and the particular plant are identified in the coding on the bottom of the can, under the BB date. I've just posed a couple of questions in that thread - we'll see what/if any recent reports there are to be had. Here's the thread:

I have a suggestion for you to save some time/effort...there's no need to empty each can and weigh the contents separately. I think you'll find that an empty, clean can with label and cover weighs 48 grams (mine do) and that will be a constant I believe. (Try that with some of your cans.) So then, just weigh each unopened can and if the weight's 402g or more, all is fine.

I'm wondering if you've continued to monitor the weights....any updates ?
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