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Wellness Cat Food Large Cans Weigh Less Than They Should Weigh

We added a new cat to the house and he's like a food vacuum and I was going through food like crazy, so I decided to monitor the food a bit more closely. So about a month ago, I started weighing out the food for the first time. My intention was to take a large can (354g/12.5 ounces), put the contents into one glass jar, then put half of that into a second glass jar. But when I weighed the first can, I discovered that the first can was NOT 354g, but 334g, 20 grams short. Well, I was naturally surprised. I mean, I got out *every last bit* of contents, even using my finger to make sure I didn't leave a drop behind.

I continued to weigh the cans and now at 13 cans, I can say that most are underweight. In fact, only ONE is the correct weight, two are overweight by a bit. But all the others (10 out of 13) are under 354g. Most by at least five grams. And we're talking different flavours from different lots. Although many are turkey.

I contacted Wellness last week about this and received a return call today. The gentleman I spoke to rejects the possibility that there's anything wrong with their process. They have many quality control checks in place, etc. And ultimately, he pretty-much characterized my situation as bad luck. Interestingly, he said they checked through all their complaints presumably by keywords to see how many similar complaints existed and there were none. He considered this as substantial proof of my bad luck as opposed to a systemic problem. But I pointed out that weighing an entire can like I did isn't something people normally do. And even I only did it because of a specific cirumstance and thus discovered the problem by accident. So it would be possible to have such a problem go unnoticed. He rejected this, saying that I'd "be surprised" how many people weigh the cans. And he's right, I would be.

So what I'm asking is that anyone who uses Wellness should start weighing the contents of the cans. I reject the premise that I'm just unlucky as there are too many underweight cans. I think it's possible there is a problem and the only way to prove it is for others to discover their cans are also short in weight.

And please, if you use the smaller cans, do the same thing with weighing the contents.
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