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Unhappy Zorba

I have read all and to all I am sorry for your losses. My case is different I had to make that choice and I am still hanging on to him..I dreamt of him last nite I think because I woke up with him on my mind. I prayed asking that if somehow could he show me that he is happy. Zorba has affected me like no other animal I ever owned. I want to be with him but I have to children now and one of them is his brother. Harley for his age is doing great better than Zorba. Zorba had started to drink allot of water, my summation is that either he had the onsets of liver, kidney or diabetic. He lost control of his bowels, I had to put briefs of him. Than I noticed and felt all of these lumps on his head, yet he showed not signs of agony. He would always come his tail wagging he only wanted to be near me 24/7. This REGAL dog whom I brought home from the country at the tender age of 5 weeks. I love Harley too immensely he had a bond with his brother that had been stronger I say this because it is the Canine rule of thumb they speak the same language. But both understood who Mommy is and both were inseparable. December 22/2012, Zorba was 13 years 3 month, and 1 week young, that is a very short life span as far as I am concerned. Where in the Hell did I go wrong, what did I not notice. What could have I done differently. Yes he is no longer in pain he is with is extended family.
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