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Originally Posted by Crystal M View Post
Meagan was born October 24, 1992 and she passed on August 21, 2005. We had contacted Pet Friends earlier in July and when the time came a vet from there came to my mother's house in the Laurentians. I chose to bury Meagan there because she always loved going to her nana's and her first friend Lady (my mom's dog) was buried there. They are buried beside each other. I read the rainbow bridge story and I cried, still I sit here with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I believe that that is where my little girl and her friends are running and playing. I sometimes wish I could be there with her too but I still have my other kids here that need me too.

I believe when Meagan finally passed to the other side that I heard Lady barking. Almost like she was waiting there for Meagan and also letting me know that she (Meagan) wasn't alone.

I miss her soooooooo much and my heart aches for her. Mommy loves you Meagan!
I am crying , is it so hard losing a loving dogs. When I was out with my hearing dog I had people come up to me and they would tell me about their childhood dogs and how much they still miss them. One older man told me he had two Standard Poodles and that he would never get another dog as he could not handle losing it.
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