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Originally Posted by marko View Post
It is very hard, but it does get easier with time.

We recently lost a Husky 3 months ago that we were very close to.

It was quite difficult and we shed many tears, but now I tell my wife that at the Rainbow bridge Rex gets to eat homecooked meat filled lasagna with TONS of parmasean cheese. He gets to have triple portions.

It makes her smile, me too.

Only good happens at the Rainbow Bridge. There is no suffering there.

To all who have lost their furry/furless bundle of joy, you have our condolences and our support.
My beloved Standard Poodle that was my best friend and hearing dog dies Jan. 2011 and I was missing terribly yesterday.
I am sorry to hear about the lost of your beloved dog. Finlay will help him eat the homecooked meat filled lasagna. I did not feed my dog people food because I did not want him begging for food when I took him out restaurants
with me.
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