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Ok so I'm debating if I should plant one or two of these... maybe some one could chime in how well the spread.

I want it to cover a 10x20 pergola that's over a driveway beside the deck, it's is about 20' high, plus the fence that runs along it. I'm debating if I should do one plant in one corner by the fence and then guide it to spread (apparently it grows fast too).. or should I do two plants one in opposite corner (20' apart) along the fence. This way I can guide both to climb up the pergola, along the fence towards each other, and plus along the fence away from the pergola.

The only thing is to dig one of the holes would require removing some pavers and digging through the gravel under neath it.. I would rather avoid having to do that, but I do want to have nice coverage.. just not sure if one plant will manage it. This is facing the neighbour's deck so I'm going for maximum privacy.
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