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Bad night last night

Monkey Update: Bad night last night. Was up 3x with him due to crying/ vomiting. Would not eat today.

Just got back from the vet, could not get into Holistic Vet until next week!!

So I took him to Ottewell Vet Clinic and I was really impressed. REALLY.

Dr. Pattie was awesome, I highly recommend this place, staff was very friendly and understanding, Dr. was very thorough, explained very clearly what the steps should be etc. Did not try to push more tests or food on me, I really liked her a lot.

She injected fluids subcutaneously (he did NOT care for that) and reviewed the stuff the ER did.

Sent me home with some FortiFlora (good bacteria to put in his food). Told me to boil a chicken breast and feed him tiny bits of broth with the FF sprinkled in until he stops with the vomiting and diarrhea.

I have to take him back later today for more fluids. Doing it this way is MUCH cheaper than IV therapy and at least he gets to be at home. Soooo exhausted right now I can barely function.

Some good news: Baby Kitty ate well this morning and seems to have come around on the Monkey front, when he starting crying/screaming in the night BOTH of us jumped out of bed and ran to him, she seemed just as concerned as I was.
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