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Thank you guys for all your help and 's!

Happy to report that he is once again up to Monkey Business!

BUT... you just KNEW there was one of those coming didn't you?

1) Baby Kitty
is barely eating now, she IS drinking and ate a few kibbles of Orijin this am. She does not appear lethargic or dehydrated, is not avoiding me but IS quite grouchy, hissing at Monkey and Gracie which is NOT like her at all.

I have tried feeding her the Royal Canin that I have left over, she really loves it usually. Nada. Tried some of the Wellness Kitten I have on hand, which she really loves, nada.

This started Saturday very early in the am, at first I thought maybe she was picking up on my stress, definitely was a HUGE bunch of that going on or missing Monkey.
Now the stress is gone, Monkey is home and she still doesn't want to eat. She ACTS like she does but when I put the stuff in front of her, nada.

Here are my thoughts... that whatever almost killed Monkey is making her vaguely sick as well. Monkey IS on Metronidazole for something...

I phoned the EVEC and they said that likely Monkey does not have anything contagious but perhaps I should bring them both in for even more blood work.
Ummm, no. As long as Baby Kitty is interested in food at least and is still drinking and acting normally I will wait this out for HER.

OR I have a new theory on what might possibly be going on, I use Petcetera and/or CatIt Silica Crystal Litter, I buy it in bulk when it goes on sale.
However the last batch I bought was the Petcetera brand (imo slightly less good than the CatIt) and it was really quite broken up and dusty, much more than usual. There is almost a stream of blue dust that pours out with the white crystals.

Do you think that this is possibly what is wrong? Monkey has loose bowels, not so good at balancing and digging/covering so he ends up with more silica dust on his massive 6 toed paws and ingests more dust than Baby Kitty who is also feeling and acting off. I have 3 litter boxes btw.

Whatever you think of my possibly way out to lunch theory I AM returning the unopened bags to the store. I am also going to try and exchange the Royal Canin for BG or Wellness.

Problem 2) Although Monkey is active and drinking and happy, he doesn't want to eat the Gastro. I was thinking of maybe mixing in a tiny bit of Wellness in with it to see if that would help... Yea or nay?

Should I get a big syringe (read the syringe feeding article) and feed him or her or both with that?
I do NOT want him to go back to the ER. Obviously.

Wouldn't it be funny (not really) if it turns out that Monkey is actually a picky eater after being such a greedy little pig that eats ANYTHING?

I am also going to try and get in ASAP to the Holistic Vet tomorrow.

Thanks again you guys, you have been so patient with me, and my kabillion questions!
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