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Good news!!

Thank you hazelrunpack.

Monkey is home! And is sound asleep.

Still no exact cause, but he is HOME. YES!!!

He still has a bit of diarrhea but they said that is to be expected for about another 12 hours.

I am to give him one 0.2 mL syringe of metronidazole orally twice a day.

I was given 3 5.82 oz cans of Medi-Cal Gastro Intestinal High Energy Feline food.

The instructions are to feed 1/3 of a can twice a day or smaller amounts more often if I need to. I do this for 5 days and then gradually start mixing it in with his old food.

For obvious reasons I am completely torn as to whether I should actually do this or not.

I AM going to do it unless I hear otherwise, he did almost die after all and I am really freaked out still. So taking this particular vet's advice seems like a good idea, even though the MediCal (Royal Canin heh) has all the bad things in it...
I dunno, I'm just so unsure and afraid to make a wrong step for fear of landing him back in the ER.

I may just do it for now and if after 12 hours he has not stopped with the diarrhea I may switch him back to the Wellness Kitten...

Other than the fact that they were wayyyyy too busy last night (not their fault) I am quite happy with the care he received. So so so much better than my old vet. Also they actually did refund me $800! I was shocked.
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