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So he weighs 1.7 lbs.

The very helpful lady at Biscuit & Co. suggested that maybe the reason why he gets so hungry NOW is because he is digesting the canned food a lot faster instead of heavy carbs that kinda hang around. Does that make sense? It kinda does to me but wouldn't that mean he would be pooing more? Because he has totally slowed down in that regard and the smell is a LOT less and his poo is almost normal now. She wasn't preaching it as the gospel truth or anything, just sorta threw it out there.

So does this mean I should feed him more?
She gave me some samples of this Taste of The Wild stuff to try, suggesting that I feed him just a *tiny* amount with his food so he feels fuller longer.

Thoughts? I am really leery of adding anything new right now, especially since I don't know exactly what the problem is.

ETA: I am thinking that was 1.7 KILOGRAMS not pounds. He weighed 1.5 kg at the vet last night.

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