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The new food seems to be working, he definitely poos less and is less gassy, however he still acts like he is starving.

Cries his fuzzy little head off when I'm in the kitchen, and when I leave the kitchen he absolutely LOSES it trying to get to where he thinks the food (of which there is none) might be going. This is to the point of running into walls and chairs etc. He does this even if he has JUST eaten...

And if I happen to actually BE getting him his food, or making myself some food... people probably think I am murdering him he cries like he's in pain. And really REALLY loudly, so much so that my neighbours have 'commented' on it.

How long should it take for him to get over this? I realize that it's only been 2 days. I feed him 1/2 can of the Wellness Kitten 4 times a day.

His activity level has stepped up... X 1000.
Earlier this evening, he learned to jump on counters... which is where I WAS feeding Baby Kitty, I guess I will have to stop free feeding her for awhile. Which makes me feel really mean.

It's been a fun night. Trying the tape and tinfoil now, kinda working, not really.

Works for Baby Kitty though. She used to mess around in my plants, not anymore!

I am off tomorrow so I am going to get him weighed. And possibly pick up an SSScat or 10...
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