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Wellness Kitten is great! I fed a lot of it to my momma kitty (semi-feral that I trapped) and her 5 babies.
Oh thank God!! So far... so far... he seems to be doing better.

His tummy is less bloated (when I handle him he does not become a live squeak toy haha) and I have only seen him use the litter box once and it was less runny.

Could be just because I was behind in feeding him today due to being out all afternoon scouting for the good stuff. But I'm hoping it's a sign of good things to come. He is definitely chock full of energy although he has never seemed to lack in this department. LOL! That was the understatement of the year. 'Monkey' suits him quite well in that regard.

Aw good for you for rescuing Mommy and babies! I love this forum and the kindhearted, helpful, not-to-mention much smarter than me people on it.

Before Grain is pretty good. The texture is a little grainier than Wellness but the ingredients are decent and not very complicated. My cats are kinda hit-n-miss with it as far as how much they like it. (Hilarious about the "President's Choice" reference - never realized it but you're so right!).
I know! The first time I saw it I was like what the heck are Superstore products doing in Tailblazers?? You would think some marketing guru would have noticed that... anyways, if Wellness doesn't work (it will!) I may try that next because it does seem simpler ingredient-wise.

That is actually what I would have recommended as well, for that very reason. A more gradual switch might have helped if you wanted to avoid GI issues in the first place, but since he's already got 'em, there's no point in wasting time.
Yayyy!! I did something right all by myself!

Good thinkin about smearing the food on a plate, that should help slow down his hoovering. Maybe try giving him 1/2 can 4 times a day? I can't remember how much my kittens were eating at that age, but it seemed like a lot.
Heh, I can't take credit for that one, I read it in another thread here before I posted MY story.
That does seem like a lot... I just gave him another third and it's been about 4 hours. He is eating at almost normal pace... OH! Just turned around to watch him slowly licking the plate and guess who was helping him? Jeez! Well, Baby Kitty likes Wellness too apparently. Grrrrreat.
Now I'm going to have to feed HIM separately, she never had a chance to horn in on his food before, it disappeared literally in seconds. Well she's gonna have to eat all that Royal Canin first, hmmph!

Did the vet weigh him at all at his last visit? Many vet clinics will let you bring in your pet for a weigh-in, no charge. Not urgent that you do that right away, but at some point it would be good to make sure he's gaining weight.
No he did not. I realized that today, nor did he take his temp. I think he at least listened to him internally, I know he checked his ears and mouth quite thoroughly.
Still though, when you bring a kitten specifically because he has eating and pooing issues you would think that checking his weight would be a priority. I guess I was just so busy trying to impress upon him how serious I thought the issue was that I forgot to pay attention to what he was NOT doing. New vet time!!

And I believe I will check out that holistic one you mentioned. I'm curious and hopeful to see how different it is. Tailblazers has a scale there so I think I will take him and weigh him tomorrow, depending on how he is doing.

tanks u for all ur help aunty sugarcatmom!! i hope i gets betterer soon cuz i wanna terrorize my mommi and sinisterss even more! -Monkey
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