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Well after much searching and hemming and hawing I came home with a 12 pack of Wellness Kitten Formula. I hope that's okay...
I could not find the new line that you referred to. I also saw the Before Grain line of foods but I've never heard of them before and to be honest the 'President's Choice-y' look of the packaging scared me off of it. LOL.

Now that I'm at home on the computer it appears that it might have been a better choice. (?) They don't have a kitten version of that though (does that matter?) so I went with the Wellness.

I decided to go with a straight up switch to the new food. I figured that his tummy is already messed up and if the food is the likely cause of it then I'm doing him no favours by making him eat it any longer than necessary. I really hope that was the right action to take.

I wasn't sure how much to feed him either. It says for a 20 week or less kitten to feed as much as they can eat 3-4 times a day. LOLOL! I'm pretty sure he would eat until he exploded.

I gave him about a third of a 3oz. can and smeared it around. ???

The 21-30 weeks guideline says feed 2/3 of a can per pound of body weight. Except that I have no idea how much he weighs. I would imagine he is underweight for his age but he is not really skinny or anything. I don't even have a scale in the house of any type so that's no help.

(Pleasepleaseplease let those be the right decisions!)

It actually took him longer than 30 seconds to eat it!! WOW. And he didn't run to the litter box immediately after either. And mannnnn... is that dish ever cleannnnn...

I guess we will just wait and see what happens next...

I have seen that holistic vet (thank you for the rec) it is quite close to me, however I've not ever been to a holistic vet and have no idea what to expect.

Glad you enjoyed the pics, they are after all the least I can do for all the help you've given me, thank you so much!! Sorry to be such a pain with all the questions!

FYI Edmonton and Area People:

Trident Wholesale Pet Supply is going to stop carrying Wellness and everything they have is on clearance prices. I only talked to them on the phone and they seem to have a limited selection but it might be worth checking out.
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