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I would definetly try to take that puppy out of that environment,steal her if I had to,the woman would more than likely not care once the puppy is gone.
While your at it,tie her up in the garage for a while
There was a situation in my neighbor-hood,where a little white"Scotty"lived in a cold dark garage tied to a bicycle-rack,I called HS,different shelters,talked to unconcerned neighbors and got the same answer as you did,as long as the dog has food and shelter,nothing illegal is done.
What is considered animal-cruelty? To me this is a prime example of animal-cruelty
Anyway,to make a loong heartbreaking story shorter,I did "talk"to the owners on several occasions and got a not so nice response,but thought I got my point through to them,only to find out a few days later from their young daughter,the dog had been "stolen",euthanized
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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