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A puppy in need of some help

Hey guys, I know this is going to sound strange, but I'm looking for some help. There's a puppy in my area that is "for sale". She was bought at the local pet shop (her mom was a rescue and what was paid for the puppy only covered her vet costs up to date) The people that bought her only did it because their two daughters wanted a puppy. She has since lived in a garage. She is only 5 months old! They've had her for the past 3 months and she used to be walked, and then the daughters lost interest. The lady wants her money back, but obviously isn't going to get $200.00 for an untrained mutt. I called the Human Society because of where she lives and they said as long as she's got shelter and food there's not much they can do until it gets worse.
I decided to call and ask the lady if she would give her away free to good home (thinking that I would help find her one) she refused but said to make an offer. All we can afford right now isn't much so we offered $50.00 she said no. The lowest she said she'd go would be $150.00 I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or if anybody would like to make donations. If people start to donate money to get her out before they just let her "run the streets" as the owner said I will give her owner the money up front. They said that they want the money or they're just going to let her go on their property to "run away". That's not a dog lover if I ever knew one. Suggestions?
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