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Friday Nov 2 2012!!!

ANNA: Her blood-work was normal and the SNAP test was negative!!

MEL: Good and bad!! Her RBC is going up towards normal, was as low as 23%, now up to 26.4% (from last Saturday)

Her platelets were 41 (normal is 175-500) she is now 255

But her WBC has continued to rise, as well as the eosinophil! So he did an ultra-sound which confirmed his suspicion--An infected Uterus (Pyometra)

So she is going to be spayed first thing on Monday and be given a wide spectrum antibiotic to go along with the doxycline!!

At the end of 3 weeks of being on Doxy--he will do more blood-work. H said normally it takes 4 weeks of doxy for Ehrlichiosis.

So the little girl has a lot going on!! Luckily the vet visits are not too $$$ Today for BOTH dogs visit, both had bloodwork, Anna had the SNAP test, U/S for Mel and some cream for Annas tail, was $151!! I think thats pretty cheap!! To get Annas teeth cleaned is $40. Might be the next big medical tourist destination--pet care in Nica!! lol

Forgot to add---included in that $151--6 months of heartguard fort anna---2 months of frontline for cat and 1 month for Mel!! lol

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