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Too weird I just found this post, because a friend of mine (yes another STUPID pet owner) called here about an hour ago wanting to know what she could do with her cat.
She was like "Well I am at a point in my life where I can't handle a kitten and he is a really good kitten but I just can't keep him anymore, can you take him (uh no I have 3 cats and 2 dogs) or do you know what I can do with him or should I just find someone to shoot him?"
OMG I hate when people suggest shooting their pet, how barbaric could you be?

Sad fact is she has 2 yr old son who adores the kitten and she's going to get rid of it.

I fortunatley talked her into phoning the president of our rescue society and she said she would love to have him adopted out, so hopefully he will end up at a foster home. I'll call her later and find out what happened.

Also our local vet will question your motive for euthanizing your pet and if she thinks the pet could be re-homed then she encourages the owner to call our rescue society first. So at least she tries to give the animal another chance.
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