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New Foster Dog...Behavior??

I work at an animal shelter and yesterday I brought home this little dog named Oreo. It was an impulsive thing- some of the other dogs beat him up and he was hurt and there was nowhere else to put him so I brought him home. He has a very sore ear right now. But aside from being a bit defensive of his ear, which is totally normal and understandable, he is a very, very good boy. He is sweet, cuddly, nice to my kids and puppy and leaves the cat alone. He's very clean and slept in his kennel last night with no problems. One thing though- he was playing with a squeaky stuffed animal and I couldn't tell if he was being playful or possessive. He was growling and wouldn't release it, his hackles weren't up so he could have been playing tug, but his tail was not wagging so I wasn't sure. In the end I put the toy away because I wasn't sure. What do you think?
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