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Thanks SCM and Growler for your help with the Renal. I think I will start trying to give it to him in his food since it shouldn't hurt him. Sam did have an episode of severe constipation when his stools were very large and dry but after I added the coconut oil, that seemed to remove the problem. I guess I could always add more ccoconut oil if he gets more constipated with Renal, but I would like to work on his BUN to start with as it is the most potentially toxic element in his blood at the moment.

I still haven't been able to get a urine specimen from him, he looks at the nosorb litter and just walks away and uses another box... so I don't know hen I am going to get his urine specimen to measure his specific gravity. Everytime he goes to the vet, his bladder is empty ... so there is absolutely no chance of getting a specimen at the vet,,, I don't want to leave him at the vet to get the urine specimen because I think that will cause him a great deal of stress, and I don't know that it's absolutely necessary at this point in time.

Thanks again! I'll keep you posted...
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