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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
A question had you pilled Duffy before you had to give him Azodyl and how easy was it to pill him before?
I did on occasion have to pill her prior to the Azodyl, she was really good about it but if I didn't get it far enough back she would hold the pill in her mouth & spit it out even with rubbing the throat

The easiest way I've found to pill a cat:
Sit the cat on the floor in the kitchen facing the cupboards, pills at the ready on the counter above, crouch behind them w/your legs on either side to block escape. One hand holding the head still, pill between the thumb & forefinger of the other hand, use your ring or middle finger, of the pill hand, to pry open the mouth. With forefinger on the pill place it on the roof of the mouth & slide it all the way down the back of the throat. This way there is no chance for them to spit it out, and it's over much faster. Treat afterwards.
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