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Ok I picked up the supplement and a copy of Sam's blood work

The supplement is called "Renal" (I am copying directly from the box) and says it is a "new palatable powder" so I assume their first attempt was rejected by every cat that was given it.
It also says it "helps in improving renal function balance" The Composition of the powder are: maltodextrin, calcium carbonate, chitosan, with additives of kg preservatives: potassium citrates E332 mg 320,000
Analytical Constituents: Moisture 4.0%, crude protein 7.0%, crude fiber 1.0%,
Indications: "helps in improving renal functions conditions. It is suited to complement treatment during acute stages either or alone in association with specific diets, following your veterinarian advice. In most advanced stages Renal cats can be administered in combination with Renal Advanced Cats." (please remember I am copying directly from the box.)

I am not impressed with the ingredients they've used I have my doubts it will do anything for Sam. It is made by the same company you mentioned SCM Candioli but is not the same product.

Sam's Blood Work results were the following:

Total Protein 79 norm range 52-88
Albumin 39 norm range 25-39 not marked but I notice it's borderline high
Globulin 40 norm range 23-53
A/G ratio 1.0 norm range 0.35-1.5

BUN 15.0 norm range 5.0-12.9
Creatinine 227 norm range 53-212

BUN/Creatinine Ratio 66 (there is no normal range mentioned and its not marked as abnormal

Phosphorus 1.37 norm range 0.77-2.65
Glucose 7.1 norm range 3.5-9.4
Calcium 2.67 norm range 2.05-2.70 not marked but near top end of range
Sodium 154 norm range 145-158
Potassium 4.6 norm range 3.4-5.6
sodium/potassium ration 33 norm range 32-41

Hemoglobin 151 norm range 93-159
Hematocrit 44 norm range 29-48
red blood cells 9.0 norm range 5.9-9.9
Platelet count 279 norm range 200-500

Those are most of the tests that mean anything and again the only abnormal results are for his BUN and Creatinine. He is not anemic as I thought he might be as shown by the red blood cell count and his hemoglobin. He is not dehydrated as shown by his hematocrit. His bone marrow is producing red blood cells and platelets adequately and the tests done for liver disease or pancreatitis were all normal too.

So I picked up some NVInstinct tonight. a can of Wellness Chicken and I`ll see if he will eat them. The last time I tried Wellness Chicken he wouldn`t touch it.

I don`t think I`m going to give him the Renal supplement because I honestly don`t think it will do anything for him. I would like to hear what SCM and Growler think of the supplement before deciding to give it to him.
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