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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Would that be the Renal Advanced powder by Candioli? It's not exactly the same as Azodyl, but uses the same premise that probiotics help "clean up" the nitrogen waste by-products in the intestinal tract. If it is the Renal Advanced, introduce it very gradually by starting with a quarter or less of the recommended dose, then work up over many days (or more) to the full amount. Aztec was taking it for a little while, but honestly, I think a human probiotic from the health food store is a more potent option.
Thanks SCM as I mentioned to growler all she did was call it "Reno" or something like that. I suspect the product you are talking about is the one she has ordered for me. I agree with you that a human probiotic may be the answer to help him. Do you have any suggestions for a human renal probiotic?

Also thanks for the suggestions on how to introduce it in his food, that is exactly what I planned to do because I want him eating and I sure don't want to turn him off his food.

What I also found a little strange was she kind of poo-pooed the idea of Ubavet helping him because "it was only a supplement". Then when it came to mentioning azodyl she said, it "would help his kidneys enormously".. even though telling me it was a supplement as well. It just seemed odd that one supplement she doesn't think does anything for him, when I've seen it work with all my dogs and with Sam. When he is taking it regularly I don't hear the clicking when he walks. Again I think I'll be looking for a new vet but I will finish off with her by hopefully getting the urine specimen and having it analysed.

Just talked to the vet's office and it was the vet tech I know really well. She is printing off the blood work, getting the no sorb litter and the powdered reno (whatever) together and we'll be picking it up tonight. So I'll post all his results when I get home.
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