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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
I still am waiting for them to get back to me about the Azodyl coming in (in fact it isn't azodyl, it's another drug that the vet said is exactly the same but in powder form so I can add it to his food rather than give him a pill).
Is it a phosphorus binder instead?
For some unknown stupid reason they manufactured some phos binders for pets with mint flavouring usually doesn't go over too well unless it's given to a dog. If it is a phos binder make sure it's flavourless & if not ask for the composition (ie is it aluminum or calcium based) & you can then ask your local pharmacy for the odourless/tasteless version with the same composition.

Have you ever needed to pill Sam? How did he react?

A cautionary note on mixing powder into food ~ Given how fussy he seems to be with food, if there is the slightest hint of flavour to the powder he may refuse to eat it - which can lead to a refusal to eat whatever brand/flavour it was added to.

Some cats are fine with extra stuff mixed in to the food, but sometimes it's just easier/faster to pill them.
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