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Its really hard when you have the age difference like this. One thing that worked with my 2 whenever I took one or the other to the vet they would come home smelling different. Cats dont understand visually it may be a brother or sister or whatever they just smell different. You can try putting a dab of vanilla under each of their chins. The vanilla scent comes across and they both smell the same thing. I have done this with baby powder as the vet reccomended this. Simply put some baby powder on your hands and then rub each of them down with some of it. Again they smell the same.

Having an area where they have a safe spot is also great. Swap out things like cat beds, blankets with each of them so they can get used to again the smell of the newbie invading their territory (sorry I couldnt resist!)

Slow intro and lots of patience as it might take awhile for them to forget they have had a fight.....

Eventually they will hopefully be best buddies...

Good Luck
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