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Originally Posted by Lise View Post
In Quebec landlords can refuse to rent to pet owners,in Ontario it is discrimination to refuse on basis of pets.When I was renting I used to offer up front a months rent as damage deposit and I had letters of reference for Sage my shepherd.I always found a place and never lost a deposit.It just requires a little effort,but there is no excuse for dumping an animal because you move.
Just to correct some misinformation. LLs in Ontario can refuse to rent to you if you have a pet, they simply cannot evict you if you have a pet unless you are interfering with "the reasonable enjoyment of the premises" or there is "frustration of contract" issues and there is some thought that eviction is possible because of possession of a dog deemed as "dangerous" under the current legislation.

LLs are under no obligation to tell you why they are refusing to rent to you. If you suspect that you are being discriminated against because of a provision in the Human Rights Act or Code, then you have legal recourse. The ownership or possession of an animal is (of course) not protected under the Act/Code.
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