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why the hell would i joke about my over baring mother disfunctional family? especially when my life is a living hell cause of most of them and 3/5ths the people who live in my house alone belong in rehab for drug abuse. This is all seriousness, my family needs to acknowledge my sister belongs in a loony bin her abusive boyfriend belongs in jail, specially cause hes 25 she was 16 when she started dating him, he cheated on her with a 14 year old and the two have put both my parents in the hospital. This family is ruining my life and thiers, I wasnt even allowed to date till my senior year in high school and even then I had to go behind my parents back. I dont believe in april fools. Keep it in mind, especially since the person who posted in my other thread did make me feel more like I was to blame as if my family wasnt doing it enough.