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Hi... New here, of course. I wont give my name and age, cause I hate my name and saying my age makes me feel old especially since my moms controlling my life and wont let me leave the block. I have 7 dogs, used to be 8 but we just lost one this morning that was in the veternarian clinic to parvo, which is odd cause he was doing better friday and thursday, it just leads me to think that they dont care for the animals over the weekends, especially since he wasnt throwing up or having diareah on friday.

One of my dogs, my oldest who is a 3 year old pomeranian just had a litter of pups. Sadly, she went into the first stage of labour around 3pm last saturday. I stayed up till about 5am with her and passed out, woke up at 9am to find her having the first pup halfway out, brech position and stuck because she was so big. We lost the pup. The second pup came out with no trouble and was going after his mothers nipple before we even got the sack off his face. Hes a livewire even at only a week old. He is going to a little boy whose dog was killed in a hit and run.

I also have 4 cats and 3 kittens. The litter of kittens was born four or five weeks ago monday. Theyre all pure white, the littlest one has a yellow streak on her tail, the youngest has a gray dot on his head. The oldest is pure white. The mother is a pure white part siamese we rescued from the middle of the road. The kittens have eye infections but its clearing up. The father is a tortoise shell, gray white and black in color with emerald green eyes. He looks along the lines of a white tiger and even prowels around like one at times, mouth open and everything.

Were currently moving since our city is tearing down an entire street to put up an overpass to get around train tracks, which in my opinion was their fault for not planning ahead... So I'll be hanging around randomly.