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puppyluv...your dog has a broken paw,,u were told u needed to get x rays?...but u can't afford was 4 weeks ago this happened? U didn't take the pup back for checkups...and u started doing it yourself without knowing where the break was and not being qualified? and now your pup has pus and red sores which could possibly turn into gangrene? But you ARE planning on calling a new place WITHIN A WEEK?

Now I know u said times were hard...but really a broken paw? and u didn't get an x ray and stopped taking the dog to the vets? You realize that if untreated the pup could get gangrene if it has lost of circulation to it's paw because of the break? Do u know the pain this pup must be going thru?

I know u said it is running around like normal, but really? U need to get this dog seen too by a vet and don't wait until sometime within a week!

And if times are hard then u probably shouldn't have adopted a dog until times for u were better.

Now the idiot that threw this pup do u know this person? Did u see them do it? If so get them to pay for the treatment!!

Do u have a credit card? Then use it to pay for the pup's treatment. If not borrow the money from your parents or friends! Sell something! GEt some money and get the poor dog to a vet!
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