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broken foot :(

hello im new and was just wondering if anyone could give me advice pls About 4 weeks ago my puppy ended up with a broken foot near his paw area, due to someone throwing him he is a chihuahua so we took him to the vet we couldnt afford the pet fees so they didnt take x-rays they wrapped and splinted his foot for the emergency visit fee (some ppl may say if you cant afford vet fees you shouldnt have a puppy but times are hard and the vet is really expensive this was an unfortunate event that I honestly didnt expect to happen) we took him home and the next week we took him to get his cast rewrapped we were told to come back each week so they could keep wrapping it they also told us we needed x-rays because they didnt know where the break was and also he may never be able to use his foot if not fixed. we couldnt afford the vet we had stopped going for the re-wrap (i had also tried places which could help with payment plans but no luck) today we removed the splint on our own because we seen he was developing sores his paw was infected with some puss and had lil red sores on his leg we left the cast off for a while and applied antibiotic and then did a homemade re-wrap. while the cast was off he was still running around and jumping (normal self) we ARE planning on calling a new place we heard within the week to see if they are able to work with us until mean time i would just like to know is there any thing i should be watching out for? or doing to reduce pain/clean up sores?? thank you