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So I took George in, and he's lost some weight and is extremely dehydrated. He was on fluids overnight last night. Blockage is the most likely scenario. He is in surgery as I type this. There's no damage to his kidneys or liver thankfully. I hate waiting by the phone for a call from the vet, but this is a relatively common procedure, right? Just hoping he will be OK.

We initially took him to the emergency pet hospital, which is quite expensive for overnight care. They said he might pass what's inside him. Rather than leave him there, we took him back with us in the hopes he would do just that. He initially got better, as he was eating and drinking. Then several days later he got worse yet again. This is when we decided to bring him in for the treatment. I just hope I haven't left it too long, I feel terrible about it. Aside from this he's been treated perfectly, eats Wellness twice a day, and has his brother for company. We have no kids, so for now, they are it Sorry for ranting/reposting what I already said, just wanted to get that off my chest even if no one reads it.
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