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People suck! People like this should not just be banned from breeding dogs but from reproducing themselves!

Hugs to you Frenchy, as I know that blood boiling feeling - it so upsetting to see how selfish people are!

I have a neighbour that ditches her dog every once in awhile because she is too 'busy' to have a dog... but that never stops her from getting yet another puppy because they are 'too adorable to resist'!!! ARGH!!!

Despite offers of help and training/resuce advice, she neglected her first dog out in the yard 24-7. At least she pawned him off on her ex (luckily for the dog, the ex is a great dog owner!). The second one "went missing" (yeah right - in other words you opened the gate and said 'get lost'). I caught them in a lie on that one since they said they'd been phoning the humane society looking for him every day. I called and talked to the humane society and they said "what? No one ever has called looking for this kind of dog".
Now they are on dog #3 - a puppy chihuahua mix. He's totally unsociallized because guess what - she ignores him too!

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. - Immanuel Kant
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