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Need to rant

So one of my ex coworker came to my work place this afternoon with her partner. We know eachother well, they came to visit my place once or twice. They know I do rescue. But still they always go against what I tell them.

First dog; they bought at a pet shop they got a dog who they have been told would be max 60 pounds. I laugh when I saw the dog (was a puppy with HUGE paws) he is now 80-90 pounds, border collie mix. Then they got a male ****zu , they bred him with a female and kept a puppy

So her partner tells me she's mad at them cuz one of them destroyed her eye glasses (you shouldn't leave them on the coffee table I told her) and she goes on to tell me she'll probably get them euthanize cuz she's fed up. Her yard is a mess (and she tells me I should see her, who has 3-4 dogs on all time) and that she wants to go to Florida next x-mas and it's too expensive to get them into a kennel.

So I tell her, fine, but I can help get the dogs into a rescue. She refuses and tells ME that dogs are meant to be with one family, they can't get used to a second family....I reminded her I was with a rescue and it's totally not true !! So after a few minutes trying to save her dogs's life, I just walked away, my blood was boiling. Someone else who was part of the conversation told me her partner told her why why why did she tell me those things , to me ? I hope she'll changes her mind, how stupid to have 3 dogs put down....
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