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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
I honestly had no issues pilling the Azodyl, and at that time there was only the 1 larger size available. Despite how small a cat's mouth seems to be, they can get that size capsule down without issue. You can always slather the capsule in a bit of butter to make it slippery going down.

I know it's recommended not to open the Azodyl but some people do & mix it with a small bit of food or butter etc to make sure the cat gets all of it, then feed regular meal later, according to Tanya's site those that do are still having success with the intended outcome of the product.
Thanks growler. A question had you pilled Duffy before you had to give him Azodyl and how easy was it to pill him before?

I have been Pilling Sam at times with Buscopan which is a very small tablet. Sometimes it went down his throat easily if I got it to the back of his throat but other times he would hold it in his mouth and a few minutes later spit it out despite the fact I rubbed his throat to get it down. Obviously I didn't get it back far enough those times.

Then there were times when he seemed to know it helped him and just literally took it out of my hand and swallowed it. I believe those were the times when he was having a lot of bladder spasms and knew it helped him.

So I'm not sure about the Azodyl, I had read about people opening the capsule on Tanya's site but also saw it seemed to depend on what they put the powder in.. butter seemed to work the best for absorption of the probiotics.

I will be calling them tomorrow to tell them what I want, I may ask them about the smaller caps of Azodyl but since I have to give him 3 at a time, I just feel I'm going to have trouble with Sam but I may be surprised.

They don't seem to know much about the different things available and how they work because they told me they all work the same to improve kidney function. Obviously they don't work the same or Azodyl wouldn't have the reputation it does.

Thanks again growler
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