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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
This new vet is an idiot if they think the Candioli Renal supplement is the same thing as Azodyl. "Renal" is a used as a phosphorus binder (that's what the calcium carbonate and chitosan do). Does not contain a single probiotic. Azodyl contains only probiotics.

What Renal IS similar to is Epakitin, from the same company that makes Azodyl. So perhaps that's where her confusion lies. But still! I mean seriously, if you're going to be prescribing supplements to your clients, at least know what the frig they are!!!!

And Sam's phosphorus levels are not too high so I don't think a phosphorus binder is essential at this point. Plus they can cause constipation so if he's at all prone to that, use with caution.
When I saw the ingredients on the package I really wondered what she was thinking. It also goes along with her statement about Ubavet "only being a supplement" yet this so-called supplement is supposed to almost cure his ckd... it was very weird. I don't think she knows her Canadian meds but even so, it's useless for Sam. I looked at his phosphorus level and didn't think it was worth adding a phosphorus binder except if the food I was feeding was high in phosphorus. I would probably use crushed egg shells before I'd use this stuff she prescribed.

I am wondering about his calcium level though and adding calcium carbonate to his diet. It seemed in the upper range of normal and I wouldn't want to push it higher with his diet. What do you think SCM?

Thanks for the name of the human probiotic I will pick it up when I have a chance.
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