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Hi all,

Just a short update on Norton. He was 7 weeks old as of last Sunday. He has been completely accepted by his surrogate family: his Mom, Cookie Monster (who was a teen mother because she is only 8 months old), his siblings Leon (orange tabby, DMH), Sherman (buff and white, DMH) and Trixie (dilute calico, DMH) who are all only one day younger than Norton. Norton and Trixie are inseparable. They are all staying with us. My BF is head-over-heels for Norton and Norton is his special boy, just like Willard is mine (see thread about abused kitten with bottom lip torn off posted by SOS Miow in this category).

I do not have any recent photos, but Norton is all white with flame-point markings on his tail and the tips of his ears. His eyes are ice blue but he does not appear to be deaf as he responds well to sounds. He may just be a Siamese-type mixed cat because his face is round rather than sleek like a Siamese's.

I will try to post a photo soon.


PS His first "surrogate" mother, Noa, who nursed him for one day, has a great home. His second "surrogate," Willow, who nursed him for a few days, is doing well. Her kittens, who proved to be bigger than Norton and were consequently a little too rough with him, are big, healthy 10 week olds and are beyond exceptional. Willow will be spayed this week.
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