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Oh I totally have a bratty kitty myself (Carrot, aka Little Lord Fauntleroy). His sense of entitlement seems directly proportional to how cute he thinks he is. He's been this way practically since birth (now 16 months old) and while he has learned some manners in some situations (he no longer barges in to eat my senior kitty's food), for the most part I don't expect he'll change a lot in that department. Some cats are just like that. And some cats are like Gizmo, total pushovers. Carrot's mom falls into that category. If I throw a treat for her and Carrot runs over to steal it, she just lets him. I try not to anthropomorphize too much and as long as nobody gets hurt in the situation, I don't intervene. Feeding time is carefully orchestrated so that Carrot can't run around eating everyone else's food when he's done his, but otherwise I let them all work it out amongst themselves.
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