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I have low patience levels and I think I get frustrated easily cuz I want him to be a normal cat already. But his skittishness is not completely gone so that is a factor I need to concentrate on. And it's hard to give him lots of attention when he runs away b/c of his skittishness. Even last night, when I was trying to call him over, he was dancing around the coffee table so I couldn;t get close. It's like he forgets who I am sometimes and he needs to smell me a few times to remember who I am.

I'm usually the one that gets mad more, but the bf does the nail clippings, cleans the litter, gives pills when needed, and sometimes does the punishing if they do something that pisses him off.

Although I was told he is a Bengal, b/c I don't have papers, I feel I may have been duped. And his skitteshness did seem feral when we first got him so I really have no idea what he could be. My vet said they'd never seen a Bengal the way he looks but I think I was in denial back then. But he does display a lot of the Bengal qualities especially the high pitched meow, all black paws, the black linings around his eyes and lips, the highlights around his eyes and very soft fur. I dunno maybe he is one of the undesired Bengals with the bullseye pattern and that's why most ppl just think he's a tabby.

very intelligent - yes, he learns things very quickly, especially if treats are involved
demanding - to be pet and fed, screaming his head off to hurry up
active - moreso at night when mischief is to be had
playful - loves da bird
willfull - loves the counter and standing up on the coffee table even when I'm right there to tell him no, before he does something that he knows he's not supposed to do he will look around to see if i'm watching ( this is why I want an Ocicat, they don't like being scolded and they listen to you )
agile - can jump very high and do somersaults in the air while chasing the right toy
very vocal - yes
need lots of attention - usually only on his terms, but if you try to lure it out of him and get him into the rhythm then he can get demanding again
stimulation - can't pet him too much cuz his tail starts flipping, and I'm kinda lazy on switching up the toys cuz I have no out-of-reach places to hide them, so stimulation is probably low on the scale, but I do play with him when I can.

He does love empty boxes but that would just be another thing for him to spray cuz Forest would want to go in it too.

The vet trip will probably be this weekend when we have the funds and time.

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