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OK, how I see the situation is that Gizzy is viewing you as "the heavy", the one who disciplines him, gets mad and frustated at him, etc. Usually it is the gal of the house that gets to do all the nasty things---clipping claws, giving pills, cleaning the litter boxes, disciplining, and our bf or hubbies get off with just doing the loving. So that's why Gizzy's running to your bf when he comes home. Gizzy feels you've been a little too heavy handed and not giving him enough loving attention lately. Yes, it's hard being "the heavy" and my hubby doesn't do any of the nasty things either. Our neuter adores my hubby, and yet if he's sitting on his lap and I leave the room, he'll get off and follow me to see what mummy's doing. Sometimes he gets off hubby's lap and then I've got two on my lap while we watch TV! You really have to give extra attention and loving to counteract the nasty things, then you'll get the loving attention from Gizzy you want.

I know what Bengal cats look like, but I don't really know their personality other than what I've read on breeder's websites, that they're "very intelligent, demanding, active, playful, willfull, agile, very vocal, need lots of attention and stimulation." You must respect that back only a few generations is the wild Asian Leopard Cat in his genes, so you don't want to do anything to antagonize him and bring that out! So this is a cat that craves attention and wants stimulation. Change his toys around so he doesn't get bored. Put out an empty bag. Cats have preferences for certain girl likes the stuffed mice, my boy likes any kind of little wires or spirals, some like foil or paper balls.

Let us know what the vet says.
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