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Thanks for all the replies!

When it was time to feed them dinner, Forest ate. But when I brought it to Gizzy he wouldn't eat, even when I set it on the floor and walked away. I had to lure him out by petting him. Then he ate and I made the signal for him to come over and he did then shoved his head in my hand again and then fell on the floor to get a belly rub. I also played with him with a teaser toy. When I throw toys for him, he plays soccer with them, but never brings it back to me, wish I knew how to teach him that.

I have been withholding affection lately because of the hissing and not knowing if a claw or bite would accompany it. And him being a cat that likes things on his own terms I figured I'd let him come on his own. The spraying has been stressing me out too, so that's probably the last thing he needs. I blew in his face cuz it calms my temper down so I don't do anything like tapping his nose. I will have to learn to walk away now. Thanks for the tip!

So I got up today and Gizzy was laying on my bf's computer chair, I pet him and he meowed. I found a bit of throw up so while I cleaned it up, Gizzy got down and ran near the cat tree. I sat down on the couch and he went into his box again and has been there ever since. Usually when bf comes home, he will immediately jump out and screamed at him to be pet and follow him around until he gives in to give him loving.

I think I will take him in to the vet, just to make sure everything is ok and see if the spraying is medically related.
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